Monday, 31 October 2011

WEB ADI - issues encountered during initial access

On accessing create document link under Desktop Integrator responsibility browser was showing following error

Set BNE UIX Physical Directory profile value to proper directory at site level

Location = $COMMON_TOP/html/cabo/  (11i)
Location = $COMMON_TOP/webapps/oacore/html/cabo/  (R12)

As this was a cloned instance the value of this profile setting was pointing to a wrong location.

set as
BNE UIX Physical Directory /u03/oracle/prodcomn/html/cabo/

Access to functions are controlled by function security so to access and work with web adi the user should have proper access.

You should have access to particular integrator to access and work with it

Find out responsibility which is created to work with web adi check the main menu for this responsibility. Modify the responsibility or Menu if default is not fitting to your needs.

For instance Desktop Integration Menu has create document, Define Lay out, Define Mapping, Manage Documents, Setup options

Note : you must add "HR ADI Seeded Integrator Form Functions" sub menu to your menu(s) to access the seeded integrators for HRMS from the application, if you don’t add this menu you are going to run in to following error (see metalink note : 240142.1)

Assign this responsibility to the user who wants to use WEB ADI

The below error kept coming on browser once we click create document, We tried to create web a document using oracle supplied Integrator "General Ledger – Journal"

Once we click create document a popup will come for downloading and opening that document wend will end up with the following error

bne error log:

10/30/11 2:11 PM WARNING BneUserLocaleUtils.getTimeZone CLIENT_TIMEZONE_ID has not been set

10/30/11 2:11 PM WARNING BneSitePropertyManager.setValuesFromBneProperties - loading values from properties file

10/30/11 2:11 PM WARNING BneSitePropertyManager.setValuesFromBneProperties - end

Setting these profile values at site level was not solving this problem.

So further rnd lead to this conclusion, to fix this issue add application site address to trusted sites in internet explorer. We were using internet explorer 7

If the check box "Require server verification(https:) fro all sites in this zone" is checked your site address should be secure (https) , check if it is uncheck if you are not able to add to

List of Errors at a glance

  • Exception Name: oracle.apps.bne.exception.BneFatalException - A system error has occurred. Have your system administrator view the bne.log file. Log File Bookmark: 432
  • You do not have permission to access this functionality
  • BneUserLocaleUtils.getTimeZone CLIENT_TIMEZONE_ID.
Oracle support Notes of interest :
Oracle E-Business Suite Desktop Integration Framework Developer's Guide, Release 12.1 (Note 979354.1)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Mounting Linux NFS on solaris 10 (RPC: Program not registered and Not owner errors)

NFS server is running on Redhat Linux machine 4E

IP of NFS server
share     /u01/nfs

mounting the above nfs on Solaris 10  (

mounting point on client /u01/nfstest

mount -F nfs /nfstest

the above command should mount the nfs share to /u01/nfstest on client

but after i issued the command i was getting

nfs mount: : RPC: Program not registered

after searching i found this link

which was telling mountd deamon was not up on nfs server machine

started nfs service on nfs server

service nfs start

after starting issued the command to mount the nfs on solaris client

mount -F nfs /nfstest

this time another error

nfs mount: mount: /nfstest: Not owner

googling taught me that this was becuase of NFS version, linux is using version 3 but solaris is using version 4

I found two way of overcoming this issu

1. editig /etc/default/nfs file

you can change #NFS_CLIENT_VERSMAX=4 value to #NFS_CLIENT_VERSMAX=3

by default it is commented out so make sure you remove comment symbol
just restart the service, it is working even without restarting
svcadm restart  network/nfs/server

second way to mount is just to add -o switch with vers=3 parameter
mount -F nfs -o vers=3 /nfstest