Tuesday, 23 July 2013

FRM:41830: List of Values contains no entries while selecting payment document on payment screen - AP R12

After creating new bank account and adding payment documents, on payment screen after selecting the newly created bank account payment document field is showing “list of values contains no entries”

The payment profile option was also defaulting to US NACHA IAT (there are no other profile to select) instead of  laser check format which is actually selected as default format while creating payable documents with manage payment documents

Selected format during payment document creation

Created a new PPP and issue was solved.

Go to setup>payment > payment administrator

 Click on the payment process profile

Select processing type as printed and complete the creation process

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

RMAN-00571 auxiliary file name xxx conflicts with a file used by the target database

While duplicating, RMAN was continuously  giving the error "RMAN-00571 auxiliary file name xxx conflicts tiwh a file used by the target database"

Here is what oerr utility has to say about the error

oerr RMAN 5001

5001, 1, "auxiliary file name %s conflicts with a file used by the target database"
// *Cause: RMAN is attempting to use the specified file name as a restore
//         destination in the auxiliary database, but this name is already
//         in use by the target database.
// *Action: Use the CONFIGURE AUXNAME command to specify a name for the data
//          file that does not conflict with a file name in use by the
//          target db.


The cause of the error was the database file name. Rman by default prevents the datafiles and online redo logs  to have the same name as target to avoid overwriting of original database files.

I was actually duplicating to a different host with same location as target database with the same file name so rman was not allowing to complete the duplicating.

see "NOFILENAMECHECK" at   DUPLICATE and nofilenamecheck option to have better understanding .

As i was doing it on different host i don't mind it using same filename as target so i used NOFILENAMECHECK option with the duplicate command and rman completed the duplication successfully.

duplicate database to dup
backup location '/u01/oracle/bkp/DUP/'


Use this option with care, if you are on duplicating same host this will overwrite original database files.