Saturday, 13 April 2013

Enabling audit trail for oracle e-business suite applications in R12

Define audit group

Note: When you first create the audit group the group status will be 'Enable Requested' this will automatically be changed to 'Enabled' once thAuditTrail Update Tables concurrent request is run

Define columns to be audited
Security > AuditTrail>Tables

Enable auditing for schema owners

Security > Audittrail>install

Enable ‘AuditTrail Activate’ profile option

Submit the AuditTrail Update Tables concurrent request

If Request fails with   “Fatal error in fdasql, quitting Fatal error in fdacv, quitting Fatal error in fdaupc, quitting “ check this out Fatal error in fdasql

Fatal error in fdasql - AuditTrail Update Tables program error on R12

While running AuditTrail Update Tables concurrent request on e-business suite R12(12.1.3) as part of audittrail enable process the request completed with Fatal error in fdasql, quitting.... Fatal error in fdacv, quitting.... Fatal error in fdaupc, quitting error.

To fix the issue Check if you have enabled auditing for  APPLSYS,APPS and the application schema owner you want to audit, if not enable the auditing for the schema you wish to audit.

And also check the logfile to see if its failing at View AP_SYSTEM_PARAMETERS_ALL_AC1, If so change the group status for the Audit Group AP_SYSTEM_PARAMETERS_ALL to disable – purge table


Now submit the AuditTrail Update Tables program again