Saturday, 12 March 2011

Installing nvdia driver on linux

Downolad nvidia driver from nvdia website
stop xserver
to do this restart with init 3
or edit /etc/inittab file to change runlevel to 3 then restart
if nouveau driver is used nvida will detect (we can manually disable this refer nvidia readme) this at installation and add an entry in
the entries in the file will be
blacklist nouveau
options nouveau modeset=0

this will disable nouveau but if os is taking  this at boot level this wont be enough to disable,
to disable this at boot level we have to edit boot configuration file to add an entry there or

at the time of booting press e and go to kernel line and add this at the end


this will disable nouveau at boot level also

go to /etc/Xorg and take a back up of xorg.conf file (incase if installation fails we can just restore and bring back the system to old condition)
now go to the folder where nvdia driver is stored and run


nvdia installer will run and it will prompt for many inputs from us

once installed restart the pc with run level 5

go and edit /etc/inittab to make it to 5

remeber if you disabled nouveau at boot prompt with rdblacklist=nouveau you have to do the same thing here but its difficult to do here everytime so go and edit grub/grub.conf

append rdblacklist=nouveau to the kernel line

incase failed remove the nvidia-installer-disable-nouveau.conf from /etc/modprobe.d/ and replace the old xorg.conf file

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