Thursday, 24 May 2012

Unable to resolve LABEL - Editing fstab from "Repair Filesystem" prompt - Openfiler (Linux)

I deleted one of my partitions from my openfiler box and forgot to remove the auto boot entry from fstab. While booting the system it stops complaining unable to resolve 'LABEL=/name_of_label' .

It happens sometimes we delete a partition and forget to remove automatic boot entry from fstab file. Once system is reboot it stops booting giving  unable to resolve 'LABEL=/name_of_label' message.

Then system automatically asks password for maintenance, once password is supplied  a repair filesystem prompt is given . If we try to edit the fstab file in this mode system will complain 'readonly' option is set

This error happens because of system trying to mount a partition with the said LABEL which is not actually available, pointing to wrong partition, etc. you can either remove the entry from fstab or you can edit fstab to correct the LABEL or partition.

Use this command to remount in read/write mode and then do necessary changes in fstab file

mount -o remount, rw /

I think this is the option on most linux distros i have used it on redhat,fedora and openfiler.

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