Friday, 16 November 2012

Failed to create The VirtualBox COM object

Trying to start virtual box ended up giving this error on fedora 17.

There is a file called VirtualBox.xml in the location cd [home_dir]/.VirtualBox.xml In the same location there is another file called VirtualBox.xml-prev which is kind of backup of the VirtualBox.xml. 

I just renamed the  VirtualBox.xml to something and made a new copy of
VirtualBox.xml-prev with the name VirtualBox.xml. This just fixed the issue and i can start virtual box now :)


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    1. Glad to know it helped you..Thought of saving others time by sharing...

  2. It works for me too..Thank You..

  3. Helpful article...

  4. Worked for me. Very much appreciate :)