Thursday, 8 January 2015

Transferring  FSG from one instance to another
Transferring FSG from once instance to another is very easy using seeded 
'Program - FSG Transfer' concurrent program.

There are two steps involved 
1. Create a database link(db link that connects to source) in the target instance
2. Run Program - FSG Transfer

Creating Database link
On the target instance create a database link to connect to source instance.

It can be created using Database Links screen under General Ledger Controller  Responsibility

General Ledger > Setup>System>Database Links

Database Name : Name of the Source Database

Description: Description to understand what this dblink is for

Connect String: Different methods can be used to connect to source database like Esyconnect/connection descriptor/Service name alias

Example using different methods

By using Connect Descriptor


By EasyConnect

If you want use service_name aliase create an entry in tnsnames and use that

Domain Name: Enter domain name of your database server

If the info provided is correct it will create a database link

Running 'Program - FSG Transfer' to transfer FSG

Now use Program - FSG Transfer to transfer FSG from source to Target

Note: The transfer program is run from Target machine, so always make sure you are creating db link and submitting "Program - FSG Transfer " on the target instance

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